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Cross-posted to other knitting blogs in the hope of breathing some life into them!!

My mum taught me to knit when I was 5, and i've dabbled with it off an on since then, but not as seriously as I have in the last six months. I have since taught myself to knit socks and baby jackets while having a lot of fun.

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I made a deal with my boyfriend, if I knit 10,000 baby hats we can have a baby! Haha. If I ever get to 10,000 we will be broke!

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I'm a cheap knitter, so I'm always keeping an eye out for wool on sale or good discounts. In the photo of my stash, the larger blue and purple balls of wool only cost $1.99 NZD per 100gm, which is by far the cheapest, and it knits up nicely as well as the fact that it just feels good!

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The Knittee Committee QLD

Shameless promotion time again!

Require a break? Feeling unsatisfied in your humdrum weekly routine? Feeling artsy fartsy? Chill out with The Knittee Committee!

We go to cafes, libraries, homes, colleges and other places of suitability to chill out and learn and teach knitting.

Knitters of all experiences, ages, genders, species welcome (providing you can hold knitting needles really). Having a pattern and equipment of your own would be a good idea for meetings, but we cool to just chill out if you don't have any current projects. Eat, drink and be merry, that sort of thing.

Visit us at our online branches:
Details of our meetings are published as soon as they are planned, the next one being Saturday the 2nd of February. Friend us to find out more!

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Rock. Craft. Love.

Kit sale at Michaels!

Been trying to get your reluctant friend interested in the Fabric Arts? These are the cheapest I have seen these kits. Michael's has the Boyle "I taught myself to knit and the "I taught myself to crochet" Here is the link if you are interested! They were running low at Michaels craft store.
Rock. Craft. Love.

Knitting Blogs - Daily Reads

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A+ List Knitting Bloggers

There are fabulous craft journal on Live Journal, and there are fabulous knitting blogs that I visit everyday. Does anyone have any knitting blogs that they read outside of live journal?

Of course, there is the infamous Yarn Harlot. One of the very best in knitting blogs.

I like Knitting Fiends funny commentary on knit things.

Saartje knits has fantastic knitting skills that she showcases in her blog, along with great free patterns!

Of course, no knitting blogs can leave out Glampyre!

Vickie Howell posts lots of free patterns, and updates about her new yarn line, and tidbits about the show.

Am I missing any?
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Why Read Knitting Journals?

Why another add me community?
Why a knitting add me community?

They help knitters gather knowledge about patterns and inspiration for future knitting plans. It also helps bring other knitters together. That is one of the most important things about knitting - a sense of community and camaraderie with other knitters. Knitting journals also help knitters keep track of knitting projects in a more interesting way than a notebook.
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